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My Future Business

In the name of Jesus..
Hello, we meet again in the writings of the Arini of this time. Have a nice day and walk according to what you want and this time I will write aboutMy Future Business.About future business, now I have not thought to run it. Because I was still sitting on the bench lectures and there was no intention and desire to run the business together. Maybe because my parents can still meet my needs here and not clever to divide the time between work and college, Because many of them go through business while lecturing to add pocket money.
But after graduation later, amen, I will start to think about starting a future business that is a Women's clothing store business. Why? Of course there is a certain reason I chose it. Before starting the business we have to think about whether the opportunity to set up the business, the supporting factors, profitable for us in the future or not, generate profit or not, help and not damage to the surrounding community.Because I think it…
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Speech for Final Exam : A Maintaining of health for the future

Good Morning and Good Times For All of us

First of all let us pray to the presence of the Almighty God, for his blessings and gifts we can all gather in this bright morning in great circumstances.

Ladies and Gentleman..

On this occasion I will give a short speech about "a Maintaining Health to Wait for the Future"

We need to realize that health is expensive. Just imagine if you suddenly affected by heart disease or stroke, how much should you spend to treat the disease, certainly could be tens of millions.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy body is very important. If our health is well preserved then we can carry out daily activities smoothly so we can achieve more achievements for our future.

A strong nation is a nation that has healthy people in it. If the people are healthy, then a country will be strong and vice versa if the majority of its people are sick then it is certain that the nation will become weak.

As a studen…

Tutorial : How to Make Slime

How to Make Slime
Slime is always popular with the kids and the reason is simple: because it's lots of fun! It is also cheap and easy to make at home. Here are four ways to make different kinds of slime.
1. Mix the borax powder and warm water together. Measure out one tablespoon (15 grams) borax powder and one cup (120 ml) warm water. Add these ingredients to a large mixing bowl. Stir the mixture until the borax is completely dissolved.
2. Mix glue and water in a separate container. Add ½ cup (60 ml) of glue and ½ cup (60 ml) water to a separate mixing bowl. Stir the mixture until the two are well-combined. The consistency of the mixture should be watery.
3. Add food coloring to the glue mixture. Choose any color food coloring you like! Green is classic, but feel free to experiment with any color. Start with a few drops of food coloring, then stir. If you want the color to be brighter, add a few more drops of the food coloring.
You can also separate the glue mixture evenly into s…

IV. The outpouring of the heart on Tuesday

Tuesday 21st March 2017.
 I wake up in the morning at 6:30, then get ready to go to college. Before going to campus I had breakfast. After breakfast, I went to campus. After I got to college, I went into the classroom and started with the 'Medium Financial Accounting' course in this course, we were preoccupied with finding a room before entering the room and starting learning. After finding the room in which me and my friends entered and start the course. The subjects 'Accounting for Intermediate Finances' was completed, and continued with the 'English Economics' course which entered at 09.30. Time is still showing 08.30 hours, the time to start the course is still long and have to wait another hour, then I also invite my friend to rest while eating to wait for the course at start. When the clock has started to show 09.15, we are ready and rushed to go to the room that will be in the course that is in American Corner UNTAN on the 2nd floor which is located beh…

Why I continue my study to university level?

Hello let me introduce my self,
my name is Arini Bella Valensya.
I chosen economics education at FKIP University Tanjungpura because when graduated from education economic I have two choices that became power educator or working in economic sector.

I would like to work in a company, teach economic disciplines at university, and operate our own business because I want to be a businesswoman. because i want to run my own business and want to have a business quality and efforts made my self success to family and other people.

I think i have entrepreneurial flair. In our opinion, a successful businesswoman should have the courage to take in the risk, became a businessman must always work hard, and have cooperation.